@grimneko Another kick in the teeth for privacy then.

@zleap indeed it is, and still it won't hurt them in the end. 😦

@grimneko There was talk about breaking up Facebook, but that is the usual all talk and no action.

I mentioned that I found the initial link on Mastodon, too.

@zleap I mean to remember that one condition to merge WhatsApp into Facebook was that the database stays seperate. Either I remember wrong or they just try if they get away with this.


There is a pandemic, they are probably hoping that it will sneak in and no one will notice.

I hope they do this, as if they break the condition (which sounds familiar to me too) they get fined, maybe a few Billion dollars for a start,


No problem, the fact facebook got sued by so many states over privacy seems like Facebook now think they are just above the law. A very dangerous way of thinking.

This however is great for the fediverse as it helps strengthen our argument for decentralised and privacy respecting social media .

@grimneko Thanks for this I have contacted the NSPCC and let them know, if others want to do the same I would encourage it as it raises the concern level if more than one person informs then.


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